Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Glass tiles are tiny, shaped tiles use for lining and decoration on walls and floors and have different glazed and color

What are called glass tiles?

Small pieces of glass ceramic tiles that are produced in regular and irregular shapes

The various arrangements of these ceramics cause light refraction and various designs

Stone and otherworldly designs as well as different colors in these glass-ceramics have given them a shiny and stunning effect

Glass tiles are produced in glossy, matte, and semi-matte glazes, which are selected and used according to the place of use and the decoration of the space

There are different grouts to cover the space between these pieces of glass, which are sometimes used in the same color or the color of the glass

 Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Types of glass tiles

Glass tiles are produced in three different types

1- Cast tiles: These tiles are produced at a temperature of about 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit and are usually textured and patterned with wavy layers

The color of these tiles flows to its depth because of the wave that exists throughout the tile

2- Fused glasses: these glass tiles are produced by fusing several pieces of glass and have several layers

Proper heating during the stages of softening and expansion of glass pieces has a great impact on the quality of this product

3- Coated glasses: These types of glass covers are produced from very thin metal layers on them, which have different thicknesses and types according to the designs and models

 Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Glass tiles details

Glass ceramic tiles are products that are usually produced in small sizes and designed packages due to their relatively low resistance to breakage

These tiles are produced in different sizes, cuts, and designs so that they can create different layouts and different designs and colors

But their average length is from eight to sixteen centimeters in length and from two to four centimeters in width

Also, their thickness is less than half an inch and they are particularly popular in square, rectangular, textured, and irregular shapes

 Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Glass tiles purchase and price

To buy glass tiles, you can easily fill out the form on our site or contact expert consultants and glass tile dealers directly from the bottom of the site, consult and then register your order

The price of these tiles varies from 5 dollars to 50 dollars per meter depending on the type, color, design, quantity, and other specifications

Therefore, to view the catalog of all kinds of products, as well as their prices and specifications, please use one of the two mentioned methods

 Buy all kinds of glass tile + price

Point of glass tiles buying

To buy glass tiles, you must be careful in transporting and maintaining packing them

Because its designs are usually textured and three-dimensional, and a small part of it falling off can make your design and decoration defective

Therefore, be careful in packing and moving this product from purchase to installation

Of course, they have high resistance and quality after use

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