The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

Despite the mesmerizing look of the hexagon tile, pattern, size, color, and other factors can make it more captivating
Suitable for both walls and floors, these six-sided tiles have practical qualities that make them extremely flexible, meaning they can be integrated effortlessly into any interior, creating functional and decorative solutions: Versatility: Hexagon tiles with the natural appeal are sure to have a big impact on the overall style of any interior space
These versatile tiles offer a timeless finish that pairs beautifully with subtle and bold interiors, making them an increasingly popular choice
Durability: Crafted from tough porcelain, this unique collection offers refined durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty environments Stain Resistant: Resistant to stains and dirt, you can rest assured that these powerful tiles will be able to handle the challenges of splashes and spills associated with everyday use in kitchens and bathrooms
Longevity: As color is infused into the body, these hexagon tiles have color persistence, allowing them to look their best all year round, ensuring your home stays on trend effortlessly
Hygiene: The porcelain surface does not easily retain antigens or allergens and resists the absorption of odors, fumes, and vapours
As a result, this collection of hexagonal tiles is very hygienic and offers an ideal floor or wall solution for hygienic bathroom and kitchen environments

 The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

Below is our full color selection:

Black: Offers a powerful aesthetic in gloss and matte finishes, browse our black hexagon tiles for a strictly industrial effect
White: From crisp, clean white to subtle or striking detail, our collection of white hexagon tiles can be used as a base color in minimalist interiors, or as a base for color contrast in a more vivid approach

Gray: Gray doesn’t mean dull, as these tiles prove
Whether you choose cement shades for a classic stone aesthetic or a more adventurous geometric style in a variety of patterns and colors, there’s a gray honeycomb tile for every interior

Green: From soothing soft tones to vibrant turquoise, green hexagon tiles are perfect for creating stress-free spaces in bathrooms, kitchens, and more

Beige: Available in beige, cream and sand, choose beige hexagonal tiles for a clean Scandinavian interior

Pink: Add a soft and delicate touch to your interior with pink honeycomb tiles
Use pink and pure pink to create a safe and warm atmosphere in your interior

Blue: Peace and quiet is the name of the game for our blue hex tiles
Choose from soothing shades of ocean, navy, indigo and more

Orange: Give character to boring interiors with our orange hexagonal tiles
Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space you want to feel at home

Yellow: For bright and bold interiors, don’t be afraid to embrace yellow
Use in areas where you want to infuse energy, alertness and pleasure

 The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

If all the color options aren’t enough, our collection of hexagonal tiles also offers a wide range of design options
So, whatever your approach to style, you’re sure to find the right style to complement your interiors in our versatile collection of hexagon tiles

Victorian: From the captivating patterns of the Contour Shadow collection to the elegant monochromes of the Apollo Hexagon collection, we have a selection of hexagonal floor and wall tiles inspired by the Victorian past
Ideal for traditional and period kitchens and bathrooms, quintessentially English style with ease
Patchwork: The perfect focal feature, patchwork hexagon tiles are your ultimate home decor
While luxurious designs and bold colors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, our Vezelay, Good Vibes, and Kaleidoscope Hexagon collections are guaranteed to bring fresh energy to every room

Mosaic: A staple of kitchen and bathroom design, mosaic is a classic style of hexagonal tile
Mimicking traditional turn-of-the-century designs, our collection of small hexagon mosaic tiles offers a clean, simple aesthetic that will never go out of style

Geometry: Bring a stylish and trendy finish to your interiors with the many hexagonal floor tiles with geometric patterns
From solid colors to pretty patterns, browse tile collections like Andaman and Napolitan
Marble Effect: For the ultimate luxury finish for floors, marble effect hexagon tiles may be the answer
With a variety of stock options, including hexagon marble mosaics, there are endless ways to use them around the home

From chic and trendy to cute and quirky, our hexagonal floor and wall tiles have something for everyone – including a variety of size options
That means whether you’re looking for practicality or aesthetic flexibility, we’ve got a six-sided tile for the job
From small hexagonal tiles for kitchen backsplashes to large hexagonal floor tiles for bathrooms, our hexagonal tiles are available in a variety of sizes:

3cm x 2
1cm x 5
5cm x 9
6cm x 10cm
2cm x 18
5cm x 15cm
8cm x 19
23cm x 27cm
8cm x 29cm
33cm x 28

 The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

Hexagon tiles are functional and stylish and feel right at home in a room where many daily activities take place, whether it’s frequent footsteps in the hallway or splashing and splashing in the bathroom
It is this versatility that makes hexagonal tiles suitable for a range of interior applications in a variety of interior styles
Kitchen: Right in the middle of a busy kitchen, hexagonal floor tiles can provide just the right measure of utility and style for this functional room
Available in a range of eye-catching designs, hexagonal kitchen tiles breathe new life into tired kitchen designs, giving them a fresh and fresh finish
Elsewhere in the kitchen, hexagonal tiles are a popular alternative to traditional backsplash solutions, helping to bring a unique touch to the main interior
With our wide range of hexagon mosaic wall tiles, you are sure to find an eye-catching splash back design for both contemporary and traditional styles
Bathrooms: Hexagonal bathroom tiles are perfect for introducing texture into these hygiene-focused spaces
For hexagonal bathroom floor tiles, you can choose large or small
Small hexagonal tiles are great for zoning large bathrooms, while large sizes open up modest bathrooms beautifully
Likewise, hexagonal bathroom tiles can create interesting features for shower walls, around sinks, etc
– adding a touch to this functional space

 The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

Living Room: For those looking to add an extra surprise to their living space, never underestimate the power of a feature wall
Turn a bland wall into a bold and beautiful focal point with a quirky hexagonal tile pattern
Hallway: As the gateway to the rest of the home, hallways benefit from sturdy materials on the floors and walls – preventing scuff marks, footprints, etc
This is where hexagonal walls and floor tiles can help
Effortlessly stylish and low maintenance, these tiles will give your hallway an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic that will keep it looking great for years to come
To help you master the look of hexagonal floor and wall tiles, we’ve put together some installation tips:

Get the big hexagon tiles correctly: If you’re planning on creating a honeycomb effect on your floor, the Big Hexagon tiles from our Apollo Hexagon collection are perfect for adding an original touch to a classic Mediterranean villa look

Add interest with small hexagon tiles: If your style is more sophisticated, consider combining small white hexagon tiles with white grout for your bathroom floor
The end result is clean and fresh, but never boring

Advocates of cohesive design: Hexagonal wall tiles are an elegant and unconventional option for anyone looking to spice up their home design
To accentuate them, combine them with other geometric elements such as furniture, accessories and interior accessories

Make a style statement: If you want your interior to really stand out, use hexagonal wall tiles, such as those in our colorful, glossy Vezelay collection, to create a statement wall in an otherwise minimalist room
Alternatively, hexagonal tiles can naturally accentuate the rest of your home decor

Harness the Power of Patterns: For a unique interior approach, use hexagonal tiles as statement pieces of your own, with contrasting patterns to create specific areas of interest or accents
You can also bring linear decor and furniture into your space to enhance the geometric appeal of these unique tiles

Hire a professional tiler: Given the unique geometry of these tiles, laying can be tricky
To ensure maximum use of these tiles, we recommend that you use a registered merchant
After all, proper installation is the key to getting the benefits of these stylish and functional tiles

 The best hexagon tile products+ Great purchase price

With over 30 years of experience as your one-stop shop for tiles and tile accessories, we understand the importance of keeping costs down
That’s why we offer a price match guarantee – so if you find the same tile cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match it
With our smallest hexagonal tiles costing, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive
Our affordable prices mean you can bring geometric beauty to your home on a budget without sacrificing the style factor
Contact us today to inquire about any of our hexagonal tile products
Or, if you’ve already decided on a design, just place your order online and wait for your beautiful new tiles to be delivered straight to your door!

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