Slate Floor Tiles Distributor

Distributors of floor tiles and halls are those centers that distribute and supply major types of tiles, ceramics and building granite. These centers offer a variety of bathroom, kitchen and bathroom tiles in different dimensions at the lowest prices. Slate floor tiles are among these types of tiles which are typically used for bathrooms. One of the distributing centers is our company, which is introduced in detail in the final section.

 Slate Floor Tiles Distributor

Seven Common Types of Tiles for Your Bathroom

Seven Common Types of Tiles for Your Bathroom The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any house or apartment. This section is always clean and should have a space that complies with new architectural standards. In other words, the bathroom tiles must be strong, in such a way that water does not penetrate outside its walls, and it must be first-class and of high quality. These tiles are classified into several categories in terms of dimensions, color, quality and ingredients.

1. Vinyl tiles: Vinyl is one of the most common bathroom tiles because of its low price and high quality.

2. Ceramic and porcelain tiles: No flooring is better than ceramic and porcelain. These types of tiles are available in various colors and designs. So that you can give the floor, wooden or stone facade with wood or stone design of this type of tiles.

3. Plastic laminate tiles Plastic laminated tiles, which are basically available as boards, are also a good choice.

4. Stone tiles: Basically, they use stone tiles for corridors or lobbies. But today they are also used indoors and in the bathroom.

5. Wooden tiles: The use of wood is recommended only for people who are not afraid. The water inside the final polishing of the wood penetrates and stains.

6. Linoleum tiles: Linoleum tiles are made from Barzak oil, wood chips, cork powder, limestone and paint. This flooring has been used a lot for old houses.

7. Cork tiles: Cork has a warm nature and can be walked on barefoot without any problems.

Which Types of Tiles Are Best for the Bathroom?

Which Types of Tiles Are Best for the Bathroom? Ceramic tiles are produced for bathrooms and toilets that are specific to these two places. These tiles should be very resistant to moisture and water penetration and not be vulnerable to impact. At the same time, factories today produce and manufacture those tiles for bathrooms that are scratch-resistant, anti-erosion and waterproof. In addition, the larger the dimensions of these tiles, the more cost-effective it is because fewer tiles are used to cover the area of ​​the walls and floor of the bathroom.

These tiles are often patterned, although there are some plain tiles. But for the interior of the bathroom, it is usually recommended to use light-colored tiles as much as possible to identify the impurities and clean them faster. One of the important factors that you should pay attention to when buying tiles is the type of quality grading and their resistance to water absorption.

Tiles, like many other components, are graded and are usually divided into three grades, the first grade type having the highest quality and the third grade type having the lowest quality, which is more suitable for use in low-traffic environments such as the space outside the house and in the backyard.

Manufacturer of Latest Bathroom Tiles

Manufacturer of Latest Bathroom Tiles Manufacturers of the latest bathroom tiles are those centers that produce and market all kinds of bathroom tiles and kitchen and pool toilets. These factories and companies produce bathroom tiles in different colors and in small, medium and large dimensions, and they are given different designs and different quality grades. Most of their products have waterproof, anti-rot and anti-moisture, anti-scratch and of course durable and strong compounds. It is worth noting that the production of these factories is massive and their products are available to stores supplying building sanitary ware.

One of these is the central builder whose website you are currently viewing. This center makes all kinds of bathroom tiles and mosaic tiles with different qualities and dimensions and offers them to customers at a much lower price than the market price. It should be said that the quality of the company’s products is so high that the tiles produced in it are also exported abroad.

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