Thin Ceramic Tiles Supplier

Suppliers of thin ceramic tiles and ceramics are those centers that supply a variety of thin ceramic tiles in different designs and colors. One of these suppliers is our company, whose ceramic tile products, due to their high quality and reasonable price, not only have many customers and buyers, but also are exported abroad.

Thin Ceramic Tiles Supplier

10 Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles for Walls

10 Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles for Walls The tiles available in the market have different types in terms of color, model, design, dimensions and materials that have been used in their production.

These products have different thicknesses and dimensions according to the space they are going to cover.

For example, pool tiles are often produced in very small sizes with blue and green colors, while kitchen and bathroom tiles are large in size and the variety of colors for these products is very large.

Now we have to see what are the benefits of using tiles for the wall.

First of all, it should be said that not every wall is tiled. In fact, tiles are suitable for the walls of places and spaces that are exposed to moisture and water or water vapor.

Second, the tiles in each location are different.

But what is important is that the use of tiles for the walls of the bathroom, kitchen and pool or other similar places has the following advantages:

1) Anti-moisture

2) Water resistance

3) Resistant to wall rot

4) Resistant to cracking the wall

5) Easy and fast washing capability

6) Decorating the bathroom and kitchen space

7) Thicken the wall

8) Strengthen the wall

9) Ability to clean quickly even with the cheapest detergents

10) Insulate the wall against sound and sound output

Standard Wall Tiles Sizes

Standard Wall Tiles Sizes As mentioned in the previous section, wall tiles come in a variety of sizes and dimensions depending on the location and location used.

If these tiles are made to cover the walls of the pool and Jacuzzi, they will have very small dimensions, while if they are to be used for bathroom, kitchen or toilet walls, they will have much larger dimensions.

For example, the size of kitchen and bathroom wall tiles is often 20 by 20, 30 by 30 or 15 by 15.

In fact, tiles are usually square in shape and it is rare to see tiles produced in a rectangular shape.

These dimensions are the same for all tiles in the global market because they meet the world standard standards.

Therefore, the mentioned tiles, wherever they are produced in the world, have the dimensions mentioned.

In addition to the items mentioned and explained about each, it should be noted that recently a type of tile has entered the market that is suitable for rooms.

These types of tiles are often produced and marketed with very light and soft colors and thickness that is suitable for bedroom walls.

Therefore, it should be said that bedroom tiles are another type of tiles available.

Tiles for bedroom are considered to be among the large wall tiles as well.

Major Wall Tiles Distributor

Major Wall Tiles Distributor Important and main distributors of wall tiles are those centers that distribute and sell bathroom, toilet and kitchen tiles with standard dimensions.

These centers often provide customers with a variety of wall and floor tile products in these places.

Of course, it goes without saying that because the products of ceramic tiles in Iranian factories are of high quality, these tiles are also exported abroad.

The company you see is one of these reputable centers that sells high quality thin wall ceramic tiles at a much cheaper price than the market price.

The products of this center are provided to the customer both metrically and in bulk.

It should be noted that this company carries out its major activities online both at home and abroad.

It should also be said that the level of acceptance and customer satisfaction of the company’s products is very high.

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